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What is Humanistic Education?

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Mission Statement

The Humanistic Education Foundation is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the development of human-centered education in Taiwan.

The foundation identifies problems in contemporary education, promotes alternative educational ideas, and helps create a social and political forum to discuss the purpose and means of education.

What is Humanistic Education?


Humanistic Education refers to an educational philosophy that believes human beings are, by nature, self-developing creatures.

An educator’s primary responsibility is to create an environment in which students can do their own growing.

Humanistic educators have a broad understanding of the knowledge that children acquire as they grow, and highly value student’s affective and social development as well as their intellectual development.

The goal of humanistic education is to contribute to the development of energetic, positive, self-respecting,caring human beings who can meet all challenges.


Educating The Taiwan

Traditionally, not much attention has been paid to youngsters in Chinese educational thinking.Confucius and the other great masters offered many wise words about teaching, but they were not child educators.

Schooling in Taiwan today can best be described as training, not educating. Speed and accuracy in math, for example, are prized over independent thinking and problem solving.

Regular and constant testing is a source of intense pressure and emotional stress.As a country with a highly centralized educational system, Taiwan offers few opportunities for educational experimentation.

The rigidity of the system manifests itself in all areas, including school organization, curriculum, teaching methodology, materials, and teacher training.

Educating The Public

The Humanistic Education Foundation promotes awareness of human-based education through a number of venues:

Humanistic Education Journal
This monthly magazine published by the foundation addresses the most recent issues facing Taiwanese education.

Resource Center
The foundation publishes a wide range of educational books, audiocassettes, and videocassettes.Check out the publications catalog by clicking here.

The foundation organizes seminars and conferences addressing education issues.

Promoting Educational Reform 

Teacher Education
Elementary school teachers are trained by the foundation staff on issues related to humanistic  education. The Humanistic Education College, opening in 1997, will promote research in humanistic education and will offer an alternate education for Taiwanese teachers.

Resource Center
Education experts and scholars with humanistic ideals evaluate educational policies. Findings and recommendations are published.

Lobbying the Government
Foundation staff work with legislators in the effort to make changes in Taiwanese educational law.

Complaints Hotline
The foundation accepts complaints from students, parents, or teachers and helps resolve conflicts that emerge in the current  educational system.

Humanistic Educational In Practice

The Forest School
The Forest School is a small, alternate elementary school that is operated under the principles of humanistic education. Students are given a great deal of freedom, both in terms of their courses,and in terms of their daily living.

In addition to typical academic courses, the curriculum emphasizes non-academic learning and regular out-of-class excursions.

Forest School teachers, who live at the school with the stuents, are dedicated to their own personal and professional learning and participate in an ongoing self-study program, fusing educational theory with practice.

Download a brief introduction of the Forest School by clicking here.

Growth Programs
In addition to the Forest School, the foundation runs several programs to promote human-centered education. These programs include parent education, teacher education, adolescent growth, and volunteer training.


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